How do I download Norton If I already have a product key?

Norton is one of the best developers of the security solutions having the advanced techniques like URL blocking, malware and online threat protection, prevents suspicious downloads, and even can protect multiple devices using a single Norton Setup. All these features are available in every Norton Setup like Norton 360, Norton Antivirus Plus, Norton Family Premium and many more. The users may download any of these Norton Setups are easily available on its official website i.e. having its compatibility with the entire Operating System including Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android. Apart from the official website of Norton, the users may get these Norton Setup from the nearby shops or store i.e. via offline method of purchase.

For getting this amazing Security Solution or the Norton Setup the users need to follow a process that includes download, install and activate. Out of three procedures, the most important one is Activation as it ensures that the setup has been installed by the particular instead of any undesired one. For activation of the Norton Setup, the users require a 16-digit activation code known as Norton Product key.

After activation of the Norton Setup, the users may easily activate the entire services included within the installed subscription of the Norton Setup. Sometimes the Norton Setup users have a concern regarding ‘How do I download Norton If I already have a product key’. Thus, this article consists of the method to resolve their concern. But if the users are not able to get any of the steps detailed below then, they may easily visit the official website of Norton i.e. in order to get the support from its experts for resolving the concern, easily.

Steps to download Norton Setup using the Norton Product key:

By following the steps mentioned below, the users may easily get their Norton Setup using the Norton Product key. Thus, the steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, access the website of Norton i.e.
  2. After this, click the sign in option displayed at the rightmost corner of the Home page.
  3. And then, enter the email address registered by the users while making a purchase of Norton Setup and its corresponding password within the respective fields.
  4. Once the details have been entered, click the ‘Sign in’ button.
  5. Out of the entire windows of Norton Account, go to the Norton Subscription panel.
  6. Here, all the Norton Activation code or Product keys are available and then, tap the ‘Download’ option in front of it.
  7. Thus, the users will be able to get their purchased subscription of Norton Setup using the respective Norton Product key.

If any of the aforementioned steps is creating an issue or doubtful then, they may easily access the official website of Norton Setup i.e. Here, the experts of Norton Setup will provide or assist its users in resolving their concern in better way.


Hope, this article is quite suitable in resolving the concern of Norton Setup users regarding the ‘How do I download Norton If I already have a product key’ as these steps are in elaborated manner. Thus, if the concern of the Norton setup is still not resolved then, they may access the official website of Norton i.e. to get an expertise help from its technicians.

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